Yellow Shea Butter From Ghana Unrefined Natural

Yellow Shea Butter From Ghana Unrefined Natural

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100% Yellow Shea Butter from Ghana
Full of antioxidants, great for moisturizing skin and hair!
Recommended use: Shea Butter can be used raw; soften in hands and then apply to your body or hair. It can also be used to make your own moisturisers! 
Ingredients: Non-GM Raw Yellow Shea Butter 
Smells... lightly nutty
Packed in plant-based biodegradable food-grade cellophane bags 


Both Sheas have the same properties but the yellow has more of a shiny finish, whilst the ivory white is a bit more matte!

A lot of the time, Shea butter is made from the blend of white and yellow shea nuts. However, you can also prepare them separately and get two disinct colours; a strong yellow and a pale ivory/ white. The variations in colour is due to seasons and region in which Shea in produced.

Recommended: Yellow Shea for the hair and dry skin and Ivory White Shea for oily skin

1KG available to pick up from Dalston please ‘Get In Touch’ 

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