UK Tracked Postage Only £2 or FREE OVEER £65
UK Tracked Postage Only £2 or FREE OVEER £65
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We currently offer the following wholesale 

Yellow Shea Butter from Ghana £20/1kg

Ivory White Shea Butter from Ghana £20/1kg

Organic Cocoa Butter £25/1kg

Mango Butter £25/1kg

Wildcrafted Jamaican Golden Sea Moss £55/1kg*

Wildcrafted Jamaican Purple Sea Moss (Jamaican Gracilaria/Spaghetti) £75/1kg*

Organic Dried Kola Nut Pieces - £7/100g

Organic Moringa Powder £15/100g

Herb Cleanser Shampoo Alternative £20/1L

Jamaican Black Castor Oil £70/500ml


Purple Sea Moss has highest composition of minerals and lower (carrageenan) gelatine properties.

Golden Sea Moss is preferred for making gel, vegan jelly and thick smoothies due to its naturally high carrageenan content.

Sea moss is great for clearing mucus and congestion due to its high vitamin, mineral, iodine and antioxidant properties.

How to order

Please send a message using the ‘Get In Touch’ page below. Please state what you require wholesale. When will then confirm your order with the delivery cost and send you a Paypal link to make payment. If you are local to Hackney and can pick up your order (which will save you delivery costs) then this can also be arranged!