Wildcrafted Golden Sea Moss / Irish Moss Gel

Wildcrafted Golden Sea Moss / Irish Moss Gel

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Contains 92 of 102 minerals our bodies are made of!!!

Sustainably sourced, wildcrafted Sea Moss has been washed and soaked in charcoal purified water & lemon before being blended into a gel!

Here are just some of the benefits!

- Supports the immune system
- Clears mucus 
- Rich in protein & suitable for vegans
- High in iodine which regulates thyroid hormones
- High in sulphar therefore great for skin conditions which need balancing and moisturising
- Anti-inflammatory properties
- Great for digestion
- Strengthens the bones

Recommended use: 
Add a spoon or two..

- To your smoothies / juice blends
- In your stir fry’s, stews or sauces 
- In your baking
- To make vegan jelly!

Sea Moss gel can also be used to your skin and hair as a nourishing mask! Simply apply, leave for some time, then rinse!

All orders are made fresh & will last up to 4 weeks (date will be stated).

Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients- Charcoal Purified Water, Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Lemon
Also available in Blueberry

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