Face Glow Cream
Face Glow Cream

Face Glow Cream

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The Ultimate Face Glow Cream

This formula has been designed to protect the face against pollutants whilst adding an effortless youthful glow. 

Organic Neem Oil can help
- Combat wrinkles
- Promote an even skin tone
- Reduce inflammation
Organic Carrot Oil can help
- Create a radiant complexion
- Protect from UV damage 
- Anti-aging
Frankincense is known for its
- Healing properties
-Ability to promote healthy cells

Recommended use- Can be used alone or mixed with your face cream. Start with a small pea-size amount and spread evenly. Add more if necessary. Wash hands afterward as carrot oil can also leave your hands with a glow!

Ingredients- Shea Butter, Organic Carrot infused Sunflower Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil 
In A Glass Jar

Smells... subtle bitter-sweet

Store in a cool dry place.

Our labels are biodegradable so not fully waterproof. Product information is always available online

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