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Acne Set by Dickson’s Natural
Acne Set by Dickson’s Natural
Acne Set by Dickson’s Natural

Acne Set by Dickson’s Natural

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Dickson’s Natural Beauty was founded in 2002 by Dickson Koduah, my father! His range focuses on natural herbal remedies for skin conditions, irritations, and internal imbalances. Many of the ingredients he uses are from his home country Ghana, where many traditional remedies were passed on to him. My father's work revolves around the notion that ‘anything on the skin comes from within!!’ Therefore these bundle packs take a holistic approach and aim to not only cleanse the outside but also cleanse the inside!

Acne Bundle Pack contains Mint Soap & Yaa Asantewaa Cream (optional King George Bitters) 

       This is bundle is great for

  • Fresh spots
  • Acne
  • Rashes & insect bites

Only use this soap to wash your whole body and face (and scalp if needed!)

Then apply the cream all over! A thin layer is enough, the cream will spread. Massage your skin in a circular motion whilst applying.

If Ance is severe, the Bitters is to be taken internally to help cleanse from within.

Yaa Asantewaa Cream

A light moisturising cream for eczema, rashes, blemishes, stretch marks, and other skin irritations.

Ingredients: palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, shea butter, essential oils: nutmeg, chamomile roman oil, litsea cubeba oil  

Mint Soap

Invigorating and cooling soap excellent for irritated skin from spots, acne, insect bites, and shaving.

Mint Soap Ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil & almond oil. Herbs & spices: parsley. Essential oils: peppermint & cinnamon leaf

Recommended use:

Wet soap and lather in your hands or with your sponge / flannel. Then use to wash head to toe! Rinse. Then moisturise! 


King George Bitters

- Anti-inflammatory

- Promotes blood circulation

-Great for detox

-Cleans our system

-Helps to regulate sugar and hormone levels


Traditional Bitters has been used for centuries to help improve overall internal health including external skin & hair!

Ingredients: African Aloe, Cassia Sieberiana, Mahogany Shoots Extract 

Recommended use: Adults take 2 tablespoons morning before food and 2 tablespoons in the evening after your last meal. For children over 3 years old, 1 teaspoon a day either morning or evening.

Please note that bitters have a laxative effect

Whilst on the bitters we recommended not eating bread (due to yeast), and if you are not vegan, no dairy and no meat (due to enzymes). 

Please note if you have any medical concerns, please consult your medical professional. Bitters is a natural health supplement that can be taken with your medication. Please consult your GP if unsure. All ingredients are natural and do not have adverse effects.

We also recommend you drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat your greens!

Tastes... bitter, but it’s worth it! 

500ml bottle

Store in a cool dry place. Fridge Friendly. 

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