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Dickson’s Black Soap (Sweet Avena) & Face Glow Cream
Dickson’s Black Soap (Sweet Avena) & Face Glow Cream

Dickson’s Black Soap (Sweet Avena) & Face Glow Cream

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Dickson’s Natural Beauty was founded in 2002 by Dickson Koduah, my father! His range focuses on natural herbal remedies for skin conditions, irritations, and internal imbalances. Many of the ingredients he uses are from his home country Ghana, where many traditional remedies were passed on to him. My father's work revolves around the notion that ‘anything on the skin comes from within!!’ Therefore these bundle packs take a holistic approach and aim to not only cleanse the outside but also cleanse the inside!

Dickson’s Black Soap (Sweet Avena) & Face Glow Cream

The ultimate combination for spot and blemish free skin and a glowing complexion!

Only use this soap to wash your whole body and face (and scalp if needed!)

Then apply cream all over! A thin layer is enough, the cream will spread. Massage your skin in a circular motion whilst applying.

Dickson’s Sweet Avena Soap

A handmade take of African Black Soap. Filled with Oats for an exfoliating feel!

Dickson’s Sweet Avena Soap Ingredients: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower & Olive Oil. Herbs & Spices: Oat, Cinnamon, Nutmeg. Essential Oils: Cinnamon Leaf & Nutmeg

Recommended use:

Wet soap and lather in your hands or with your sponge / flannel. Then use to wash head to toe! Rinse. Then moisturise! 

The Ultimate Face Glow Cream
This formula has been designed to protect the face against pollutants whilst adding an effortless youthful glow. With Shea Butter as the base, this cream is silky smooth!
Neem Oil
- Helps combat wrinkles
- Promotes an even skin tone
- Reduces inflammation
Carrot infused Sunflower oil
- Creates a radiant complexion
- Protects from UV rays
- Anti-aging properties
Frankincense essential oil
- Balances oily skin
- Healing properties

Recommended use: Can be used alone or mixed with your face cream. Start with a small pea-size amount and spread evenly. Add more if necessary. Wash hands afterward as carrot oil can also leave your hands with a glow!!

Ingredients: Non GM Shea Butter, Organic Carrot infused Sunflower Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil in a 30ml amber glass jar
Smells... distinct, bitter-sweet!
Paraben Free -  Organic Vegetable Oil Based - Biodegradable - No Perfume
Store in a cool dry place


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