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Organic Carrot Oil

Organic Carrot Oil

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Carrot Oil not only has amazing anti- properties and adds moisture to the skin, but it also leaves a warm glow due to its natural orange colour!

Carrot oil is also perfect for managing skin conditions such as dark spots, blemishes, psoriasis and eczema. It also helps with ageing and sun damage due to being filled with antioxidants, which repair cells and tissues. 

Massaging your skin and hair when applying this product will stimulate blood flow, allowing better absorption therefore maximising the benefits.

Ingredients - Slow Infused Carrots In Sunflower Oil

Recommended use Mix one tea spoon of Carrot oil with 50-100g of a carrier oil or body butter such as Shea. Once mixed, apply by massaging into the skin.

Do not apply Carrot oil directly on the skin as it is very orange and can stain. 

 100ml Glass Bottle

Store in a cool dry place.


Our labels are biodegradable so not fully waterproof. Product information is always available online. 

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