Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are great way to reveal hidden truths or dilemmas, favourable decisions, and highlight aspects of our lives. Of course they cannot give all the answers but they can offer advice, guidance and points to reflect on. 
I am currently using The Modern Witch Tarot Cards by Lisa Sterle.
How it works
Once an order is be placed, I will set time aside to do your reading. 
For readings, I will need your full name & date of birth.
I will set the intention of the reading then shuffle the cards. I gradually pick cards out and lay them out. 
I will make notes of what I get from the cards and type it up. You will receive an email with an A4 PDF document of your reading including pictures of your cards for you to download and keep. 
Due to the current demand, tarot readings can take up to 10 days. Thank you.