Happy days!

Many of our products can be ordered on subscription.
Every 30 days an email reminder will be sent to you, with a checkout link, where you can pay for the recurring order.
You will be able to complete and pay the order whenever you want!
Once payment is received we will process your order within 24 hours

Refill, Reuse & Reduce!!!

Most products will come in another form of biodegradable packaging which upon delivery, you can empty into the original glass container. 
Each product listing will specify if subscriptions will arrive in another container after the first order.  

For purchasing more empty refillable glasses, please do go to 'Get In Touch' and drop us a message!

Returning unwanted empty glasses

We are all about reusing so if you have purchased a product from us and no not require a refill and have no other use for for 
 Please do go to 'Get In Touch' and drop us a message! An online Gift Card will be issued with 50p for each glass returned!
Otherwise please recycle!!!