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Lunar Wellbeing Sets

We now offer Lunar Wellbeing Sets to support and enhance self care and growth.
The moon’s cycle has a multitude of effects and influences. Understanding these can help us understand our own physical and mental state. It can also allow for planning, structuring and development.  
Crystals are often charged and cleansed in the moonlight as the moon emits energy. Therefore its light energy is able to draw out any previous energies. You can then hold your crystals and set your intentions.
Similarly to the moon, from humans to plants, we live in cycles. With the help of the moon, we can use our intuition to be able to understand and use the natural fluctuations that occur mentally and physically by engaging with our innate connection to the natural rhythms of the Earth.  
New Moon Set
​A New Moon marks the perfect time to set intentions for the month ahead…
What would you like to achieve?
Like the New Moon you might not be able to see your goals directly in front of you but as the moon moves into its waxing phase, take your time to consciously move towards your goals.
During the Waxing Moon you act!
How can you work towards your goals? 
Full Moon Set
This is when the moon illuminates the sky and is full and round!
This is a good time to reflect and recharge.
What worked well, what could be better?
During the Waning Moon period the moons light gets softer, offering the time to let go and release. What habits are no longer constructive? What can be done to make things easier?
The Full Moon is when the moon is at its fullest, it illuminates the night sky. This is the perfect time to cleanse your crystal by bathing them in the moonlight. As the moon then orbits into the waning period it’s light slowly gets softer. It prompts us to let go of the things that do not serve us anymore. What have we done well, what could we do better?  

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