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June 2nd & 3rd Afro Hair & Beauty Event - Check out ‘Visit Us’ for more!
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Cinnamon Alkaline Water Toner

Cinnamon Alkaline Water Toner

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Why Alkaline Water Toner?
- Tap water often has hard metals and other impurities whereas distilled water doesn't making it more beneficial for our pores
- Toning after washing helps to get rid of any soap residue and impurities from tap water
-Alkaline water has anti-inflammatory properties
-Skin has a natural mildly acidic PH and so using Alkaline water helps to maintain a healthy PH
-It also helps to boost blood circulation, promoting healthy cell growth 
Cinnamon is great for balancing oily skin, spots, as well as the scalp.
Recommended use - Face - Take a flannel or some cotton wool and pump some Alkaline water on and use to wipe your face. It can be used when you first wake up, after showering/bathing and before going to bed. 
Hair - Pump once into your hand then run through your hair. Can also be pumped directly on the hair and scalp.
Please note cinnamon has a oil balancing (drying) effect and so is only recommended for oily skin and hair. 

Ingredients - Cinnamon Bark Steam Distilled Water

250ml Amber Glass Pump Bottle

Smells... lightly spicy, sweet undertone 

For external use only. Keep away from eyes.
Fridge Friendly. Store in a cool dry place.

Our labels are biodegradable so not fully waterproof. Product information is always available online. 

Store in a cool dry place

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