Mystic Merlinite / Gabbro
Mystic Merlinite / Gabbro

Mystic Merlinite / Gabbro

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Mystic Merlinite 
also known as Gabbro

This crystal is set to be a magical stone that supports shamanic practices and rituals as it facilitates travelling into the past life travel and accessing akashic records. It can be used for past life healing in order to bring harmony into your present life. It also balances the Ying / Yang energy which brings calm, strength and optimism.

To access past lives place behind the ears whilst meditating. 

Between 20-30g each
Approximately 2.5-3.5cm long

Each order will include your ethically sourced small crystal, along with a description. 
Please note: markings, indents, lines, and groves are naturally bound to occur differently in crystals. This doesn't take away their properties, in fact, it highlights the beauty in nature!

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