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Golden Sea Moss / St. Lucian Raw Wildcrafted

Golden Sea Moss / St. Lucian Raw Wildcrafted

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St. Lucian Golden Sea Moss

This sea moss has been wildcrafted in St. Lucia through a local sustainable business.

Ingredients- Raw Golden St. Lucian Sea Moss 
50g or 150g pack 
(25g of raw sea moss = will prepare one jar of gel)

Includes instructions on how to prepare Sea Moss gel. Once made, the gel lasts up to one month in the fridge. 


Ways to use Sea Moss gel

Add a spoon or two...

- To your smoothies/juice blends
- In your stir fry’s or stews
- In your baking
- To make vegan jelly!

Sea Moss gel can also be used on your skin and hair as a nourishing mask! Simply apply, leave for some time, then rinse!

 Purple Sea Moss has the highest composition of minerals and lower (carrageenan) gelatine properties.

Golden Sea Moss is preferred for making gel, vegan jelly, and thick smoothies due to its naturally high carrageenan content.

Sea moss is great for clearing mucus and congestion due to its high vitamin, mineral, iodine, and antioxidant properties.

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