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£3 First Class UK Orders / Free Delivery In Hackney & Local Orders!
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Cinnamon Alkaline Water Toner

Cinnamon Alkaline Water Toner

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Tap water often has hard metals and other impurities whereas distilled water doesn't making it a super alternative for our pores! 
Cinnamon is great for balancing oily skin as well as scalp!
Recommended use: With cotton wool, wipe your face as a toner or to wipe away gentle makeup. Great for oily skin and spots.
Can also be used as a, or in a, hair spritz... Adding a few drops of this water will give an extra delightful gentle scent, whilst stimulating blood circulation and promoting healthy hair!

Ingredients: Cinnamon Bark Steam Distilled Water
In A Glass Pump Bottle

Smells... lightly spicy, sweet undertone 

Our labels are biodegradable but not waterproof! All information will always be available here online

For external use only. Keep away from eyes.
Fridge Friendly.
Refills available on subscription and save 30%!! Your first order will come in the Amber pump bottle and reoccurring orders will be provided in a plain bottle to refill in your amber pump bottle.
Store in a cool dry place

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