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Cocoa Butter Face, Body & Hair Cream

Cocoa Butter Face, Body & Hair Cream

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A lightly sweet-smelling moisturiser, packed with goodness for all over!

Cocoa butter is not only moisturising but also promotes the skin from damage and ageing. It promotes an even skin tone and is full of fatty acids which also acts as a protective layer on the skin. It can also help reduce scaring, stretchmarks and blemishes. 

Mango butter is high is Vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A encourage healthy cell renewal, leading to smooth, soft skin and hair. Vitamin C helps with collagen product, whilst Vitamin E is anti-imflamority promoting healthy skin & hair. 

Massaging your skin and hair when applying this product will stimulate blood flow, allowing better absorption therefore maximising the benefits.

Recommended use - Simply soften in your hands then spread!

This moisturiser is a semi-hard butter which melts in your hands. In comparison, our Shea butter or Mango butter based creams which are softer. 

Ingredients - Organic Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Almond Oil 

250ml / 41ml Glass Jar

Smells... delightful

Store in a cool dry place.

Our labels are biodegradable so not fully waterproof. Product information is always available online. 

Store in a cool dry place

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