‘Revitalise’ Essential Oil Roller

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Perfectly Portable!
 Grapefruit & Pine Needle blue essential oil fitted with a metal roller cap for easy application.

Using Olive Oil as the base, each colour has a different blend of essential oils inspired by their healing properties. Safe for direct use on skin.
Grapefruit is renowned for its revitalising properties!
From eating the fruit to using products that contain its extract, Grapefruit has boosting properties to help to keep us in all round good health!

Pine Needle essential oil not only has anti-inflammatory properties but is also used in aromatherapy for its similarly boosting abilities.
It can help uplift moods and bring feelings of courage and clarity. 

This roller is the ultimate REVITALISE!
Recommended use: These can be massaged on your wrists to be inhaled or massaged on your temples to have maximum effect.
Or use just as a natural perfume as they each smell fantastic!
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil
Smells... fresh and sharp!
Store in a cool dry place

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