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Facial Treatments Now Available To Book Online!
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Lemon Balm Alkaline Water

Lemon Balm Alkaline Water

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Tap water often has hard metals and other impurities whereas distilled water doesn't making it a super gentle alternative for our pores! 

Recommended use: With a cotton wool - wipe the face as a toner or to wipe away gentle makeup.
Can be used to wash the face, hair & skin.
Can also be used as a or in a hair spritz... After washing the hair, adding a few drops of this water, will give an extra delightful gentle scent, as well as easily being absorbed and therefore hydrating the hair!
Or even mixing a little of the water, in your hair, with your hair oil/cream, will help your hair retain moisture throughout the day.
Drop some in your bath for a soothing effect!

Ingredients: Fresh Lemon Balm Steam Distilled Water

For external use only.
Fridge Friendly. Store in a cool place. 

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