Healing Crystals Chakra Set
Healing Crystals Chakra Set
Healing Crystals Chakra Set

Healing Crystals Chakra Set

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A beautiful selection of Crystals that match each Chakra

These have been responsibility sourced and have a polished finish.

The Chakra crystal set is 7 different crystals for each of our chakras. Chakras are energy points on our body which channel different energy. For an optimum body and wellbeing these chakras need to be open and aligned. This can be done through meditation and other forms of grounding. Crystals can be used to help align each chakra. You can meditate with your crystals, hold them in your hands or carry them with you. Crystals can be incorporated into your life in various ways so it is often about finding what works for you!

Each stone will vary in size however most will be of similar sizes
The whole Mini set weighs between 30-40g and are small pebble-sized
The Standard set weighs between 45-55g and are larger 1.5cm average

These make perfect starter kits, travelling essentials and gifts!

Included in a lovely bag will be one healing crystal for each chakra therefore 7 crystals and a card illustrating which crystal goes with which Chakra.
Please note: markings, indents, lines, and groves are naturally bound to occur differently in crystals. This doesn't take away their properties, in fact, it highlights the beauty in nature!


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