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Hair Wash Combo - Conditioner & Hair Cleanser

Hair Wash Combo - Conditioner & Hair Cleanser

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This combo includes
- 300ml Sea Moss, Rose & Hibiscus Hair Conditioner
- 300ml Herb Hair Cleanser / Shampoo Alternative  
In A Glass Bottles
Safe & suitable on all hair types!

In refillable glass pump dispensers 
Monthly subscriptions will come in a glass jar or bottle for you to empty into the pump glass dispenser you will receive with your first order
Please note colour may vary slightly
 The Ultimate Hair Conditioner!!!

Hydrate & soften your hair with this Sea Moss based Hair Conditioner

Minus the essential oils, this conditioner is food grade!

Recommend use: Apply all over and gently comb hair. Leave to sit as long as desired then rinse and continue your hair regime!

Ingredients - Distilled Water, Brewed Rose Petals & Hibiscus, Sea Moss, Maize Starch, Rose Essential Oil, Rose Water, Lemon Extract in refillable glass jars with a pump dispenser 
Herb Hair Cleanser / Shampoo Alternative great for Hair Growth!!
This doesn’t lather as your typical shampoo due to it’s natural, oil-based ingredients. However it’s full of goodness for hair growth and cleansing. 

Recommended use: Take a pump of Cleanser and run through the hair, paying attention to the ends. Not much is needed on the scalp, which actually cleans itself! Massage, then rinse. Condition after then moisturise! 

Ingredients - Distilled Water, Brewed Nettle, Thyme, Raspberry Leaf, Rosemary, Moringa, Bitter Wood, Soapwort, Prɛkɛsɛ, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil, Organic Saponified Castor Oil, Organic Saponified Coconut Oil, Sea Salt
Store in a cool dry place. The conditioner is Fridge Friendly.

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