White Sage & Sweet Grass Smudge Incense

White Sage & Sweet Grass Smudge Incense

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White Sage & Sweet Grass Smudge Incense

Information cards on Smudging available which are printed on recycled paper.

Recommended use: Open some windows.  Start at the front door and light your smudge stick. The flame may go out or you may need to flow it out and let smoke flow. You don’t want it to get very fiery as it will smoke heavily. A little will do! You can always relight it.

Let the smoke flow through your space then move around the rooms clockwise. Move mindfully and with positive thoughts. You can also make affirmations as your cleansing.

Smells... earthy yet gently sweet 

Tip - If you find your smudge stick start to unravel, you can separate the pieces and then burn on charcoal in a fire proof dish. 

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